Welcome to Benedictus, the monthly publication that serves as an inexpensive and invaluable devotional resource for over 12,000 readers.

Designed for daily use in a convenient size, Benedictus is far more than a “missalette,” offering a wealth of edifying content for prayer, meditation, and insight for Catholic living.

With morning and evening prayers selected from Lauds and Vespers of the traditional Divine Office, Benedictus gives readers the opportunity to begin and end their day with prayer.

Your Mass Companion

Following the Traditional Latin Mass (1962 Roman Missal), Benedictus comes complete with Mass texts for every day, including a full Latin and English Missal for each Sunday, allowing readers to easily participate in the liturgy and connect with the rich tradition of the Church.

meditations from spiritual masters

In addition to chants, antiphons, and other sacred texts, Benedictus features daily meditations from the Church’s spiritual masters of centuries past, offering guidance for the spiritual life and helping readers grow closer to God.

Live the liturgical year more deeply

With regular explanations of the magnificent feasts, fasts, and saints of the old calendar, Benedictus provides context and historical background for living the Church’s liturgical year more deeply.

Add Beauty to your daily life

Along with a treasury of prayers that have been proven over generations of pious use, beautiful masterpieces of sacred art and poetry adorn the pages of Benedictus, providing readers an opportunity for private contemplation, reflection, and deepening their regular prayer life.

Finally, Benedictus offers practical tips and resources to help readers incorporate their faith into their daily lives, and foster a vibrantly Catholic culture in the home.

At only $5 per month, Benedictus is an affordable and accessible resource for anyone—adults and young people alike—looking to grow in their spiritual life.

Subscribe today and experience the transformative power of daily prayer and meditation in the same forms used by the Church’s saints, mystics, and faithful for centuries.

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