The Traditional Catholic Companion

A monthly booklet for daily use, Benedictus includes:

Daily Mass Companion

Pray the Traditional Latin Mass, with the 1962 Missale Romanum presented in a clear and simple format. Continuous Latin and English text with reduced rubrics are included for Sundays (no page-jumping required), and complete Mass propers are offered in English for weekdays and feasts of each month.


Enter the broader stream of Catholic liturgy with daily excerpts included from both Lauds and Vespers of the 1960 Breviarum Romanum, the official morning and evening hours of prayer used by clergy and religious throughout the world.

Daily Meditations

Learn at the feet of Catholic spiritual masters each day, with devout meditations curated exclusively from saints and scholars who prayed and loved the Ancient Mass, from the Early Church to the early 1900s.

Informative Commentary

Dive deeper into our heritage of Faith through insightful mini-essays on the feasts and saints of the traditional calendar, as well as brief catecheses and ideas for extending a liturgical life into the home.

Classic Prayer Collection

Several pages of superb Catholic prayers, proven over generations of pious use. Some are offered in Latin as well as English, to further enable and enrich personal and communal prayer in the mother tongue of the Church.

Beautiful Artwork

Contemplate a masterpiece of religious art in every issue, rendered in stunning color and clarity. Thematic works are selected to suit each month, and print subscribers receive a separable holy card with every issue.

Catholic Culture

Foster a vibrantly Catholic culture with monthly pages of edifying prose, poetry, or music. Enjoyable in themselves, selections are made to help cultivate a thoroughly Catholic imagination.

How will you use Benedictus?

Its portable size and calendar-based layout make Benedictus ideal for daily use


Bring Benedictus to Mass to easily follow along and focus your prayer on all that happens at the Altar. Small children can absorb the art. Young readers can learn and live Catholic worship in spirit and truth.

Daily Routine

Begin and end each day with Benedictus. Whether praying with the daily devotions or reflecting on the classic meditation of the day, you will be nourished and reaffirmed in your Faith.

Family Formation

Share Benedictus mini-essays at the family dinner table with grace before meals. Give the gift of a subscription for a Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion, Marriage, or Ordination.


Use Benedictus to introduce someone to the ancient faith and prayer of the Church in a simple, unintimidating way. Place take-home copies at church entrances for newcomers. Share one with a co-worker.

However you use it, let Benedictus help you grow in prayer and love of Jesus Christ and his Church, by savoring and sharing the riches of our Catholic patrimony.

What People Are Saying

Cardinal, Prefect Emeritus

Benedictus is a most attractive and efficacious instrument by which to deepen our knowledge of the sublime richness of the Sacred Liturgy – in truth, our fullest and most perfect encounter with Christ on earth – as it has been handed down to us in an unbroken Apostolic line throughout the Christian centuries. It realizes one of the principal ends of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, preserving and handing on the riches that have developed in the Church’s faith and prayer.

Auxiliary Bishop, Saint Mary in Astana

Benedictus will undoubtedly prove to be a blessing to all those who use it, especially for sharing the traditions of our Catholic faith and prayer with others.

Bishop, Tyler, Texas

In a time when so much is being desacralized, it is more urgent than ever to share the wider scope and sanctity of our Catholic devotional heritage. Benedictus is precisely the kind of resource we need for that effort.

Superior, United States Province

Benedictus is a long-overdue resource for all those seeking to enter more deeply into the Roman Catholic liturgical heritage in all its splendor.

Archbishop, Apostolic Nuncio Emeritus

I am very happy to approve and encourage the Benedictus project to spread the knowledge of the venerable traditional Liturgy. The more the faithful and the clergy have the opportunity to encounter the perennial Prayer of the Mystical Body, the more they will be able to taste the treasures of piety, doctrine and spirituality with which the Church turns to the Holy Trinity, through Jesus Christ the High Priest, the Immaculate Victim, the Living Altar.

Superior, English Apostolate

More and more Catholics and converts are discovering the riches of the Traditional Roman liturgy. A timely monthly resource, Benedictus offers user-friendly access to the traditional Roman missal, enhanced by beautiful illustrations and an elegant layout. 

Author, The Holy Bread of Eternal Life

The ancient liturgy and patrimony of the Church deserve to be far better known and loved, and Benedictus promises to make that possible like never before.

Editor, The Remnant

Catholics around the world have waited a long time for a resource like this.

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